About us


  We are Mihail Stoyanov and Vasil Drandarov – two friends fascinated by the beauty and
the feeling of comfort that bamboo creates. As a plant it is the symbol of health, endurance,
vitality and spiritual energy – anyone who has touched it can confirm this. Working with
bamboo we constantly discover new potential for its application as well as a variety of shapes
and lines that we can create with this material when combined with our imagination and
artisanal handicraft.

The feeling of comfort, ease and naturalness that bamboo brings as a material, inspired us to
create various objects and accessories that contribute to the harmony in our environment. By
blending the calming nature of the bamboo with the warmth and discretion of muted light we
create handcrafted lighting products such as table and floor lamps, wall and hanging lights,
candle holders, flower pots, jewelry boxes and other accessories for decorating your interior
or exterior spaces. They beautifully complement the feeling of comfort and intimacy created
by bamboo and rattan furniture and are suitable for both the outside as well as the inside of
the house. Their elegance and simplicity makes them readily applicable in various interior
design schemes.

We can light up and decorate your house, garden, restaurant or hotel in a truly unique style!

For prices and more information about our products please contact us.